Zumaroc Accelerator
Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions below.

IN-PERSON Accelerator program is $3,500. REMOTE Accelerator program is $3,500.

Financing available through Zumaroc LLC Funding.

Option 1: Pay full program amount upfront

A $500 discount is applied to fees if paid in full, either on or before the program start date.

Option 2: Installments-Pay half upfront / half before certification

50% of balance due by start of training.

Remaining 50% of balance due before certification attempt, by week 8 of training.

Option 3: Financing

The Zumaroc Accelerator Income Share Agreement (ISA) is a form of deferred tuition, under which you agree to pay $250 of your post-Zumaroc income for 12 months. The ISA is capped at $3,000, so you'll never pay more than that for any reason. Our ISA is an investment in you. Pay no tuition until you’re hired.

Upon successful completion of the Zumaroc Accelerator, graduates are certified Offensive Security Certified Professionals (OSCP), and also know how to apply hands-on offensive information security skills in real world situations.

Offensive cybersecurity engineers are in high demand, employment placement in banks, fintechs or telcos should not be a problem.

Primary Pre-Requisite

Ideal candidates will understand that learning cybersecurity requires the right attitude and mindset. Students that are marked by desire to investigate and learn will be successful in the Zumaroc Accelerator. We can guide and teach you the technical skills that are needed to be an offensive security profressional, but you need to have the drive, work ethic, and also adopt the "try harder" mindset to learn the skills needed.

Technical Pre-Requisite (optional but recommended)

1. Understanding of TCP/Networking.
2. Relevant experience with Windows or Linux, bash or powershell scripting, python or perl.
3. Candidates should also have experience with Google dorking.

Step 1: Candidate completes their accelerator application.

Step 2: Zoom video advisor call: The call allows us to learn more about your background / interest in cybersecurity and enables us to guide you through the necessary steps to becoming a successful cybersecurity professional. It's also your time to ask additional questions.

Step 3: Acceptance: If accepted, candidate receives an electronic acceptance letter and enrollment agreement, which outlines the expectations of the program, the program schedule, and payment schedule.

Step 4: Enrolled Candidates: Candidate must submit their signed enrollment agreement and non-refundable down payment to reserve their spot.

Step 5: Complete the 30-day Cybersecurity Researcher Training: Candidate must complete the three pen test simulations exams as taught in the 30-day Cybersecurity Researcher Training to ensure they are prepared for the Accelerator. Additional skills assessments may be required prior to the program start date to ensure candidate is adequately prepared.

Your next step is to fill out the accelerator application.