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"Overall the course was amazing. I learned a ton. Since all of this is very new I have a long way to go but this course set me on the right path"

Eke, 11/23/21

"The pratical approach and live expliotation sessions done by the instructor are great and I really learnt alot from his methodologies and approach to the box."

Sarah, 8/30/21

"The training has really helped me generally especially in areas like report writing and also improved my note taking skill. I for once never attempted to write penetration test report before, but with the instructors guide and feedbacks from submitted reports, I can now write a comprehensive penetration test report"

Rio, 8/30/21

Remote learning done right

Get real work experience

Master the technical skills employers need most by learning with a curriculum designed to get you hired and earn money with bug bounty programs.

Join our rapidly growing network

Build lifelong connections and friendships with other learners who can introduce you to new opportunities and offer support.

No tuition until you're hired

The Zumaroc Accelerator Income Share Agreement (ISA) is an investment in you. Pay no tuition until you’re hired.

We help you find a job

Work with our team of experts who can help you source, interview, and land a job that fits your needs.

Trusted by over 3,000 security researchers worldwide.

Source:, November, 22 2021.

Our ISA is an investment in you.

Most schools make money regardless of whether their students succeed. Zumaroc Online School takes a different approach. We'll cover the cost of your CEH certification, and you'll pay us back when you get hired and start earning. The Zumaroc School Income Share Agreement at a glance:

Zumaroc School covers your tuition and CEH certification until you get hired. There's a $250 down payment for EdTech resources like online books and video contents.

Once you're hired, you'll start making monthly payments based on your income. If your annual income drops below $5,000 for any reason, payments are automatically paused.

Payments end once you've reached the $3,000 cap or your payment schedule ends – whichever comes first.

We'll help get you hired

When it's time to start job hunting, you won't be navigating the process alone. Here are three ways we support your career development at Zumaroc School:

Career CoachingWork with our experienced career coaches who can help you prepare for interviews, build your network, apply for jobs, and negotiate your salary.

Job SourcingGet connected to job opportunities in our hiring network that match your needs and skillset. You'll also join our global alumni network who can help you get your foot in the door.

Make Money from HomeAcross the globe security researchers aka "ethical hackers" are earning money from bug bounty platforms, they report bugs to earn rewards and make the digital world a better place.

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Explore our hands-on curriculum

Though you may be learning remotely, you won't be working alone. Our coursework simulates the type of environment you'll work in as a penetration tester or SOC analyst. Attend weekly virtual meetings with your cohort, complete group projects with a team of students, submit valid bug reports and earn money with ZrocCyberSec™.

Penetration Testing

Get intensive training for a career in ethical hacking and web application testing.

Key areas of focus:

Pen testing with Kali (PWK), Testing Common Web Application Vulnerabilities, Bug hunting Methodology & Red Team Activities

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SOC Analyst

Learn the skills necessary to land an entry-level security operations center (SOC) role at companies of all sizes.

Key areas of focus:

Monitoring, Threat Response, Log Management, Recovery & Remediation, Root cause Investigation.

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Pen Testing Active Directory

Understand, analyze and practice threats and attacks in a modern Active Directory (AD) environment.

Key areas of focus:

Domain Controller, Domain Services, Enumeration with PowerView, Golden Tickets attacks with Mimikatz & Mitigations against attacks.

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The Zumaroc School Guarantee

Zumaroc School reduces the financial risk for our students by charging no upfront tuition, so if you decide Zumaroc School isn’t right for you, simply withdraw by the end of the first month with no tuition obligation or penalties. Learn more about our withdrawal policy.

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