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What is a Hacker Score?

Hacker Score is an open-source pen test evaluation service by ZrocCyberSec™

Hacker Score provides an indication of how vulnerable a website might be to open-source tools and techniques. Hackers evaluate your website daily using open-source tools and techniques to determine whether unpatched or unknown vulnerabilities can be exploited.

When you sign up for Hacker Score you have instant access to your detailed crowdsourced pen test reports and other free tools. You will gain insight into how Hackers view your website, how to understand your hacker risk, and tips to decrease your hacker risk.

What Does My Hacker Score Mean?

Whether you are on the high or low end of the Hacker Score spectrum, there's always room for improvement.


If your score is below 70, you need to improve your Hacker Score. Download the Fundamentals of Crowdsourced Security to understand the inspiration behind ethical hacking and how to improve your organization's security.


You have a good hacker score, and you may qualify for our Crowdsourced Security program. Learn more about the ZrocCyberSec™ Disclosure program.

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See how your organization ranks among others, an organization follows cyber resilience methodologies by having a public Vulnerability Disclosure Policy (VDP).

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